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A true story about adversity, determination,
and animals as healing partners.

illustration © Anabella Ortiz
illustration © Anabella Ortiz

a narrative nonfiction picture book
for readers ages 8+

. . . and a story for any age




She and Jubilee pranced into the ring and began to dance, the summer sun beaming down like a spotlight on a stage.”

JUBILEE is the story of Danish dressage competitor Lis Hartel, who was determined not to let polio keep her from riding again. An inexperienced horse named Jubilee was just the partner she needed to develop a new way of riding—all the way to the 1952 Olympics.

…To this day, dressage competitors strive to achieve the seamless teamwork Lis and Jubilee had.


Inspired by Jubilee, Lis opened the first therapeutic riding center in the world. Presently, there are more than 850 registered centers around the world.

“In gratitude of your naming your Handicap Manege STICHTING LIS HARTEL

I enclose one of the shoes ‘Jubilee’ was wearing, when we won the Silver Medal in Grand Prix de Dressage at the Olympic Games in Helsinki in 1952.

I feel greatly honoured. Thank you.


Mrs. Hartel

May 1990″




Photo graciously provided by Manege Lis Hartel, a riding school founded in Lis Hartel’s name in 1969 in Doorn, Netherlands, with the mission of making riding possible for people with disabilities

© Manege Lis Hartel
© Manege Lis Hartel
illustration © Anabella Ortiz
illustration © Anabella Ortiz

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